Do you know that joke?
"Mayday! Mayday! We are sinking" "Ok. What are you thinking about?"

ARE you really thinking about to dive into the Spanish Market without a spanish copywriter?

Meet Natan

Hello, it’s me. Let me tell you what I’ve done the past 3 years:
  • Made a 36.000€ launch for an SEO academy with just 400 subscribers
  • Repeated it after 3 months
  • Raised some corporate blogs from boring to ka-ching machines
  • Generated 82 leads in 63 days for a product that costs 17.500€ on average.
  • Wireframed the process to make it repeatable
Should you Let me:
  • Investigate your product and
  • engineer the online system that will
  • double your income by
  • introducing you to a new market
But first I need to know if your product/service fits on my system. Are you talking to me?